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Full vehicle wraps cover almost the full vehicle (except the roof in some cases). Full coverage wraps includes the body of the vehicle and bumpers(if necessary). Full wraps can be designed for a company fleet or just a solid color to change the look of your vehicle. Full vehicle wraps can also include window graphics – solid vinyl or perforated vinyl – to complete the look.


What is a PARTIAL Wrap?

A partial vehicle wrap is when you wrap one or several sections of your vehicle. We can design a partial wrap that utilizes the base color of your vehicle and incorporate it into the wrap design. Many businesses will purchase cars matching the color of their branding, so if you are one of those businesses we have just what you need to get a partial wrap started today. All of our Partial Wraps are made from the highest quality car wrap films available in hundreds of different finishes and colors.

Starting at $500 for lettering and simple decorative stripes or other graphics. Prices vary depending on square footage and material used.


What are Spot Graphics

Spot graphics are vinyl stickers that can be placed anywhere! They can be custom cut to any shape; a simple and effective way to represent your brand. Whether it be your logo, your company information, or just a nice image, we do it all! These can be added to windows, doors, walls, bar-tops, desks, or any type of surface!

Grace Bible Church - Lincoln, NE - Window Install

What are SPATIAL Graphics?

Are you looking to create environmental graphics to enhance your office space, university, gym, retail space, museum or restaurant? Environmental graphics, also known as supergraphics, can convey the tone and professionalism of your company in a powerful way. Environmental Graphics provide a layered experience in which identity, imagery, and sense of place are enhanced through emotional triggers and touchpoints within a spatial experience.

What is a Commercial Wrap?

When you own a commercial business, you want to make that ideal first impression on each customer who comes in contact with your business, representatives or employees. Commercial vehicle wrapping and vinyl window graphics are guaranteed to take your marketing to the next level. Eye-catching designs from Vortex Wraps helps to attract new customers in-store and on the road.

 Wrap REmoval

If you leave a wrap on your vehicle too long, you will greatly increase the chances of paint damage. As the adhesive bonds with the surface of the vehicle body, it gets stronger with time. Thus, you should stay within your wraps’ lifespan to ensure that you don’t damage your paint job. Most car wraps will last from 3-7 years depending on weather conditions, mileage and treatment of the wrap. Usually it is recommended to remove the wrap before it has begun to crack and fade. When the wrap starts to crack and fade the removal process becomes much more difficult. In some cases the vinyl will have to be removed with a tool known as a vinyl eraser. These tools are designed to rub the vinyl off without causing damage to the paint of the vehicle. Sometimes when the wraps have cracked and faded, when removed, they tend to reveal paint that has started to fade. It is possible for the rubber eraser to cause damage to the paint in the areas where the paint has faded, but this has happened in very limited cases.